The kit has everything you need to build your own Exocet.

Except, of course, for the Mazda MX5 donor car. Trademe‘s a great place to find one.

No serious skills or tools are needed. Just a generous serving of enthusiasm. The basic build time is around 100 hours.

Optional extras:

  • Powder coating in several colours available for chassis
  • Wide fenders for bigger tyres
  • Wind Deflector/screen

In the kit you’ll receive

Exocet Chassis

The Exocet chassis, originally designed in the UK, has been enhanced to meet New Zealand LVVTA requirements for a scratch built car.  The frame is light but extremely rigid and comes with an integral roll bar.  The chassis is fully bracketed for fitment to any 1989-2005 MX5 donor car (manual gearbox) and includes seat and seat belt mounts to suit New Zealand certification requirements.  The rear transmission tunnel is steel for added rigidity while the front section of tunnel, floors and bulkheads are aluminium for lightness.  Supplied in bare steel, you can paint or powdercoat the frame in your choice of many colours.

The Chassis kit can be purchased separately or as part of a complete package. See pricing and inclusions here:

Composite Body Panels

Each Exocet includes hand laid composite body panels available in hundreds of gelcoat colors. Our panels do not require paint and provide a high gloss finish. The Exocet fiberglass body panel set includes the Nose cone, Bonnet, Rear Tank Cover, Gauge Pod and four Fenders.

Pre-cut and Folded Aluminum Panels

The Chassis Stage 1 kit and the Complete Package kit includes pre-cut and folded aluminium panels for the front transmission tunnel, floors and bulkhead components. These require minor trimming to suit your tastes and can be covered with your own choice of fabric, carpet or wraps to complete your look, or left in bare aluminium for that real race feel!  The kit includes rivets for hard fitment of these panels or you can choose to use rivnuts or similar so that panels such as the transmission cover can be removed for easy maintenance.

Expanded PVC Side Panels

Included in the Stage 3 Body kit and the Complete Package kit are Expanded PVC sheets for the lower side sections.  These are ultra light weight and provide good protection from the elements.  They are not structural, are not required for certification and you can choose to run without them for the Ariel Atom or Go-Kart experience!  Also supplied are Exocet decals in matching colour to your body panels.  The panels are supplied in their natural black colour but can be vinyl wrapped easily in any colour or texture (carbon fibre perhaps) you like.

Hardware Pack

Your kit comes with a comprehensive hardware pack to use during assembly of the Exocet. We include high strength metric bolts, nuts and washers to mate the Exocet chassis to your MX5 subframes. Individually bagged rivets, self-tapping screws, P-clips, brake and fuel pipe, fuel hoses in high and low pressure and many other odds and ends that you can use to get your Exocet up and running.

Comprehensive Build Guide

Our New Zealand specific build guide and the Exocet online support community provides a quick path to the answers you need.  Interact directly with Exocet Cars NZ and our group of innovative builders who are excited to share experiences and help you along your way.  The online help is available 24/7 and you will have access to Exocet NZ phone support as you need it.  If you are in Wellington we might even be able to help in person!


  • Space frame chassis ready to bolt on to your MX5 drivetrain
  • Aluminium Floor sheets
  • Aluminium bulkhead and footwell panels
  • Steel fender mounts and hardware
  • Aluminium transmission tunnel cover
  • Driveshaft safety hoop and hardware
  • Steel brake pipe and P clips for easy installation
  • Hardware - High tensile nuts and bolts for subframes, steering column, clutch & Brake master cylinders - Rivets for aluminium floor and firewall panels - Screws for side panles - Washers
  • Steel fuel pipe, high and low pressure fuel hoses and fitting hardware
  • Brake and clutch master cylinder mounting hardware
  • Fuel tank mounting hardware
  • NZ Build guide, online support network and anytime NZ support

Stage 2: BODY KIT

  • GRP Bonnet and Nose Cone
  • Grille mesh for nose and bonnet
  • Bonnet pins
  • GRP Dash Pod
  • 4 X GRP Fenders (Standard or Wide versions)
  • GRP Boot Lid/Fuel Tank Cover
  • Rubber edge trim for bonnet and rear GRP Panel
  • Expanded PVC side sheets (lower sides)
  • Wind Deflector - clear or tinted


  • All the lenses in this package are DOT approved and meet all the reulatory requirements to pass the certification process.
  • High/Low beam Dominator headlights
  • Front and rear indicator lenses and housings
  • Rear brake and drive light lenses - complete with the triple cluster assemblies
  • Rear High Stop LED light
  • Number plate light
  • Rear Reflectors
  • Left and right wing mirrors
  • Rear View Mirror
  • Standard Lap/Diagonal Seatbelts - Additional $580.00

The FULL Package

  • The FULL Package includes everything in:
  • STAGE 1
  • STAGE 2
  • and STAGE 3!

Modified Chassis

The Exocet NZ chassis is an LVVTA approved design making certification for NZ roads much simpler!

Local Support

So, you get a great value locally-made kit. And you get supported through the build process, right here, in NZ.

Demo Cars

We have a demonstration car available for viewing anytime…Please give us an excuse to go for a drive!