Exocet NZ was born in 2011 as a result of a discussion between Tom Carpenter and Stuart Mills at MEV (UK). MEV had been producing the Exocet for several months and it was (and still is) a runaway success.

Initially the idea was simply to import a kit to build up and enjoy here on NZ roads. But Stuart explained that he was challenged keeping up with UK demand and wasn’t able to provide the resources to start exporting kits. So, the logical step was for Tom to manufacture the kits here in New Zealand.

After going through the process of modifying the design and materials to meet NZ LVVTA certification requirements, production started in earnest.  There are dozens of Exocets in New Zealand, either complete and on the road or in peoples sheds being worked on.  The Exocet is the fastest growing kit car around the world and our aim is to make sure it is right here in NZ too!

Exocet Cars NZ is now owned by Adam Geck who, having built and driven his own Exocet for some time, decided he wanted to get involved and help take the Exocet to the next level here in New Zealand.   Plans are underway for Schedule A homologation for some serious motorsport action and the design is constantly being reviewed to ensure the best product possible, for the road or the track.


Modified Chassis

The Exocet NZ chassis is an LVVTA approved design making certification for NZ roads much simpler!

Local Support

So, you get a great value locally-made kit. And you get supported through the build process, right here, in NZ.

Demo Cars

We have a demonstration car available for viewing anytime…Please give us an excuse to go for a drive!

As the number of Exocets grows in NZ, there is a fantastic owners’ group forming. It’s a great feeling to be out in the car you built yourself, with others who have done the same.

Today, Exocet Cars NZ is under the ownership of another extremely passionate Exocet builder and owner, Greg Jones.  Greg’s aim is to see Exocet cars in every town and on every track, New Zealand wide!