Welcome to Exocet New Zealand

The Exocet is a road legal, exo-skeletal kit car manufactured right here in New Zealand.

Take the running gear from an Mazda MX5, add the Exocet chassis and kit, and you have yourself an Exocet. Or, a shed load of fun.  It weighs about 65% of the donor. The increase in power to weight vastly improves acceleration and braking, and sharpens cornering.

Originally, the Exocet comes from Mills Extreme Vehicles in the UK. MEV have developed and built kits for 30 years, with the Exocet being their most successful and affordable kit yet.

AMAZING VALUE: Not everyone can afford a supercar. We aim to provide products that provide supercar thrills but are within the financial reach of motivated enthusiasts. We want you to have Ariel Atom fun, but we want you to have it a fraction of the price. We run our business with that in mind at all times and try to keep our prices as low as possible.

HUGE FUN!  To add speed, add lightness. Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere. Exocet NZ was born with the aim of turning your run-of-the-mill road car into a massively fun car for the road and track, right here in New Zealand!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Building a car is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you will have in your garage. We have an innovative, active owners group who are as excited as you are to share experiences and learn from one another.


Modified Chassis

The Exocet NZ chassis is an LVVTA approved design making certification for NZ roads much simpler!

Local Support

So, you get a great value locally-made kit. And you get supported through the build process, right here, in NZ.

Demo Cars

We have a demonstration car available for viewing anytime…Please give us an excuse to go for a drive!