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The Exocet is a road legal, exo-skeletal kit car manufactured right here in New Zealand



  • All prices are GST inclusive and exclude freight


STAGE 1 - $11499

STAGE 2 - $3695

STAGE 3 - $1160






  • Space frame chassis ready to bolt on to your MX5 drivetrain

  • Aluminium Floor sheets

  • Aluminium bulkhead and footwell panels

  • Aluminium transmission tunnel cover

  • PU adhesive

  • Steel steering mount plate

  • Steel fender mounts

  • Driveshaft safety hoop

  • Chassis hardware kit - High tensile nuts and bolts for subframes, steering column, clutch & brake master cylinders, guard mounts, driveshaft hoop, fuel tank mounting - rivets for floor, firewall panels and side panels

  • Steel fuel pipe, high and low pressure fuel hoses and fitting hardware

  • Steel brake pipe and fitting hardware

  • NZ Build guide, online support network and anytime NZ support

  • GRP Bonnet and Nose Cone

  • Grille mesh for nose and bonnet

  • Bonnet pins

  • GRP Dash Pod

  • 4 X GRP Fenders (Standard or Wide versions)

  • GRP Boot Lid/Fuel Tank Cover

  • Rubber edge trim for bonnet and rear GRP Panel

  • Expanded PVC side sheets (lower sides)

  • Wind Deflector - clear or tinted

  • High/Low beam Hella headlights in mounting pods

  • Front and rear indicator lenses and housings

  • Rear brake and drive light lenses - complete with the triple cluster assemblies

  • Rear High Stop LED light

  • Number plate light

  • Rear Reflectors

  • Left and right wing mirrors

  • Rear View Mirror

  • Standard Lap/Diagonal Seatbelts - Additional $580.00

  • The FULL Package includes everything in:

  • STAGE 1

  • STAGE 2

  • STAGE 3

  • Standard Lap/Diagonal Seatbelts - Additional $580.00


  • MX5 Donor Car - 1989-2004 with either a 5 or 6 speed manual transmission

What parts do I need from my Donor vehicle?

All mechanical and electrical parts are retained and re-used from the MX5 donor, including the steering, suspension, brakes, engine and transmission (manual only), driveshaft and differential, hubs and wiring harness.

  • 1.6 or 1.8L engine
  • 5spd or 6spd manual transmission

  • Flywheel, clutch, clutch master and slave

  • Gearbox, speed sensor and cable

  • 6 or 7" MX5 diff

  • Front and rear subframes with sway bars
  • Front and rear control arms and spindles
  • 4X100 PCD hubs
  • Axles and CV joints
  • Steering rack and rod ends
  • Steering Column, wiper stalks, ignition and column plastic surround
  • Brakes calipers, discs and pads,
  • Power steering system (if not using manual rack)
  • Aluminium powerplant frame (PPF)
  • Stock Driveshaft

  • Suspension

  • Full wiring harness and ECU
  • Pedal assembly (3 pedals) and accelerator cable
  • Brake master and booster
  • Handbrake lines and assembly
  • Dash cluster
  • Fuel Tank, pump and nozzle/cap, filler neck
  • Fuel line clips (optional)
  • Radiator, piping and fans
  • Seats
  • Wheels
  • Battery


We know you'll have a lot questions, so we've answered some of the most common ones below.

We want to hear from you and work through any more questions you have regarding the kit, the cert process, tools, experience or anything else not covered in our FAQ.

You can contact us via email or phone Michael on 0272289785 

How do I place my order?

Contact us via email, phone or the contact us page and our team will send an order form for you to complete!

Does the kit require mechanical or welding skills?

While some mechanical skills are a bonus, they are not required. The MX5 platform is very well supported with Manuals and Forums worldwide packed with information.

The kit itself can and has be assembled by people with little automotive experience.

No welding is required.

What tools do i need?

The kit can be put together with a basic automotive tool set with some extra essentials in there:

Rivet Gun, Rivnut Gun, Torque Wrench, Engine Crane (borrow or rent one for a day), a decent drill with drill bits, jigsaw or angle grinder.

How long will it take to build?

The length of this project can take somewhere between 100-300 hours of work depending on your knowledge and quality of work. We've had customers complete the build process in under 6 months from delivery to driving. Others are still working on their kits

Once I order my kit, how long until I can pick it up?

We manufacture our kits to order, and depending on the number of kits in the queue your order may take between 6-12 weeks before it will be ready for collection.

Does the chassis come painted?

No, we leave the painting up to our clients, this avoids any damage in transport etc.

What are the colour options for the body panels?

There are a lot of colour options for the body panels, our pricing listed is for gloss black, there are some extra charges involved for custom colours.

How do I go about getting my Exocet road registered?

We provide each customer with a list of items to help with the scratch built car cert and compliance process. This includes a VIN number, Cert of origin paperwork and our frames are of course Design approved by LVVTA.

We suggest each builder contacts a certifier in their area at the time of purchasing a kit to discuss the process so there are no surprises.

You can read more about about the scratch built cert process and find a list of NZ certifiers via the link below:

Can I fit other engines and running gear in this kit?

We've designed and had the Exocet approved to be built using either a 1.6 or 1.8 engine (turbo and non turbo) from a MX5 - while other complete engines swap kits are available for MX5s (LS, Rotary and Kmiata for example) it would be best to talk to your certifier regarding a swap.

Do you sell completed Exocets or just in a build it yourself kit?

We only sell Exocets in kit form so our customers can enjoy the journey of building it!

It's rare but sometimes a completed car will come up on for sale or a demo model might be available.

Can I get insurance for my Exocet?

Yes! Our team can point you in the direction of multiple insurance companies that will insure your car.

Is there a way I can see and drive one?

We can help with both demo drives and rides free of charge from our Manawatu office, we offer an airport pick up and drop off should you need it! We also have a great network of current builders around the country we can put you in touch with.

Do I need a special license to drive one?

No, a regular drivers license is all that's required

Can you ship a chassis to me or do I need to pick it up?

Yes, we can organize shipping. We manufacture custom steel pallets to ensure safe delivery 

Im in Australia, can these be made legal here?

Yes we have recently had the first NZ manufactured chassis registered in South Australia, We have some awesome customers over there who are always willing to share there knowledge about getting these registered.



A collection of photos from our New Zealand Exocet community



Exocet NZ was born in 2011 as a result of a discussion between Tom Carpenter and Stuart Mills at MEV (UK). MEV had been producing the Exocet for several months and it was (and still is) a runaway success.

Initially the idea was simply to import a kit to build up and enjoy here on NZ roads. But Stuart explained that he was challenged keeping up with UK demand and wasn’t able to provide the resources to start exporting kits. So, the logical step was for Tom to manufacture the kits here in New Zealand.

After going through the process of modifying the design and materials to meet NZ LVVTA certification requirements, production started in earnest.  There are dozens of Exocets in New Zealand, either complete and on the road or in peoples sheds being worked on.  The Exocet is the fastest growing kit car around the world and our aim is to make sure it is right here in NZ too!

Exocet Kitcar NZ is now based in Palmerston North, and we're more passionate than ever about connecting car enthusiasts with an Exocet kit of their own.

Talk to us today about joining our growing community!


Our Palmerston North based office is by appointment only, please contact us to arrange a time.


Michael Hurndell
Tel: 0272289785

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